Maruti College of Education

Principal Message

Education should awaken the true potential of students to blossom creativity for sustainable growth of society. It can remove the darkness due to ignorance and help to build a complete man who can face different challenges well and lead the society in a proper manner. The teacher trainees must learn the teaching learning process very well and apply in the case of young learners in the schools for all round development of students. A good teacher inspires his/her students and acts as a friend, philosopher and guide. In the present era of knowledge driven society, knowledge is generated and disseminated very fast. It needs to be incorporate well in teaching-learning strategy to harness its benefits to society. The teachers need to correlate the knowledge with prevailing environment in a variety of attractive ways for effective learning with use of technological aids. The pedagogic practice is very important to bring desirable changes in knowledge, skill and attitude of students in order to become ideal citizens and contribute significantly for growth of nation. Here, emphasis is being laid to prepare ideal and quality teachers who can contribute well for all round development of students and thesociety.

Institutions are fountain of knowledge; some students come to drink, some to sip and others just to gargle.

Dr. A.K.Ojha